Fair no fair

Even though there is no Pine County Fair this year, Sunday, Aug. 2 is still going to be a “Fun Day” at the Pine County Fairgrounds. A team of local sponsors have joined up to offer a brown bag full of mystery treats to 300 local youth.

“We just felt that it’s really not the kids’ fault that we don’t have a Fair,” said longtime Pine County Fair volunteer Kay Wimmer. “It’s all this COVID thing, unfortunately. We had people that were generous enough to donate, and thought it would be great to give back to the kids as well. So this is what we came up with to do.”

The giveaway will continue from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Fairgrounds, while supplies last. Drive up to the Event Center on the Pine County Fair Grounds.

The “Fair Flair” bags will contain a beachball, water bottle, school supplies, yo-yo, snacks, candy and more.

Wimmer credited fellow Fair volunteer Vicky Ovick with making the giveaway possible. More than a dozen local organizations have offered their support, including Burnett Dairy, Casey’s, Curt’s Roll Offs, Essentia Health, Home Preferred Realty, Jones Construction, Kwik Trip, McDonald’s Distributing, Minnesota Energy, Pine County Ag Society, Pit Stop - Rock Creek, Walmart and Welia Health.

People can also pick up their 2020 Pine County Fair shirts with the “No Fair!” logo. Those shirts can be pre-ordered at pcfair.deco-apparel.com/shop

Wimmer said she is looking forward to next year’s Pine County Fair, but is humbled by the generosity of this year’s donors.

“[The Fair] is about the community ... about families getting together, everybody getting together,” she said. “I think it’s really great that the community that we live in will still ... allow us to use what they gave us and give back to the people. It’s something this community is known for. When people have issues, there’s always somebody there.”

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