Vibrant red, sunny yellow and bright pink petunias, pansies and other favorite flowers are ready for customers to take them home. Local greenhouses are stocked and ready for winter weary residents to stop in for bright spring colors and nose tingling scents. 

Vegetables and herbs sit in neat rows in various stages of growth while strawberry plants with ripening fruit dangle over the edge of hanging planters. 

“We’re bursting with blooms,” said Heather Petersen. She works with her parents Cheryl and Brad at their 25 year old family business, the Askov Greenhouse. 

“We have a good selection of herbs and about 30 varieties of tomatoes,” Cheryl said. She said they also have several pollinator plants available as well as around 700 hanging planters and a wide variety of flowers. 

Greenhouse owners are prepared for another onslaught of customers frantically purchasing their favorite plants before they sell out early like last year.

Wendy Dockal and Stu Hallonen started Quarry Greenhouse in Sandstone in 2008 and enjoyed steady growth over the years, but were surprised by the 2020 season. 

“Last year we sold out by Memorial Day,” said Dockal. “Friday of this year was our best opener ever.”

J Sowers, owner/operator of Beaver Meadow Garden Center in Hinckley agreed.

“Last year was the busiest we’ve ever been,” Sowers said. He said June is usually the busiest month but they were sold out by June 1 last year. 

Rhonda and Jake Young, owners of Young’s Greenhouse in Sturgeon Lake said they also sold out earlier than expected last year. Rhonda attributes the early dash to purchase plants with more people at home during the pandemic. She said she noticed many customers who were new to gardening and especially growing vegetables.

For more information about the individual businesses, check out their website or Facebook page.


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