The smell of caramel floats in the air and mingles with the slightly burnt scent of pumpkin seeds as a group of teens stir, bake, decorate and cut shapes. The Foundation of Food Prep course students bustle about their kitchen areas on Thursday, Oct. 28, as they prepare for a Halloween bake-off.

Nathan Zielinski, junior, said he has taken the food class for several years. He enjoys coming up with creative ideas, such as cutting out the coffin shape from the center of a giant brownie, then using the open spot to add the dip for their tasting element.

William Meyer enjoys stopping by the classroom both during class time and in between classes. 

“I walk in when she’s having lunch with Ms. Gaede,” Meyer said. “It’s like a little lunch club thing and I’m a part of it for five minutes.”

The East Central students learn useful skills such as safety as well as how to make a variety of foods from egg rolls to cream soups.

“In this class we focused on food safety and sanitation for the first several weeks of school,” said Lorilei Finley, teacher. They used Glo Germ to learn the importance of washing their hands thoroughly before preparing food. They also grew mold and germs on bread to see the difference before washing their hands and after.

The students recently took the National Restaurant Association Servsafe exam and most received their certification so they are prepared to work in the food industry. Finley said one student received a raise at his restaurant job after getting his certification.


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