The Hinckley-FInlayson School Board unanimously voted to terminate the employment of Athletic Director/Dean of Students Cheryl Bjerke at their regular meeting held Monday June 14, 2021. She was relieved of her Athletic Director duties on March 1, 2021.

The three main reasons for termination cited by Superintendent Rob Prater included: 

Partial data sent to the coaches about the Minnesota State High School League regarding the classification of Hinckley-Finlayson sports. 

Prater also said performance issues involving communication were part of the problem. Examples include, an opposing team showed up for a game that was cancelled after Bjerke allegedly had not informed them of the cancellation. Prater described another occasion where an event had been moved from the original location at the school, and the opposing team arrived at HFHS, again not having been informed of the move. Prater also cited poor communication with coaches and scheduling issues.

The third concern mentioned by Prater was COVID-19 protocols being broken during indoor sporting events. MSHSL language specifically stated that tickets must be sold in advance and attendees must pre-register with their name and phone number or email. Prater said these protocols were not always followed. 


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Larry Rose

Where are the employees responses to the alleged violations?

Seems like all parties should have a right to respond and not make this a one sided article which appears to be.

Additionally are there any records of issues being addressed prior to the alleged incidents

Does the director have any bias towards the employee or their acquaintances?

Appears based on the article as reported that there was little or no actions prior to alleged incident.

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