Parents, students and school staff breathe a collective sigh of relief as the light at the end of the tunnel grows closer. 

Grades kindergarten through five are already back in school five days a week, while grades six through 12 are still on the hybrid learning model with four days a week. 

All grades will be back five days a week on Monday, March 1, Superintendent Andrew Almos said. 

Spacing the grades out helped students and staff acclimate to the in person learning model and work out any bugs, said Kristen Chryst, elementary principal.

Almos said 78 of the 120 school staff will receive the vaccine by mid March. Staff includes janitors, para-professionals, cooks and bus drivers as well as teachers. He added that all staff who expressed interest were offered the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

Seniors Emma Jansen and Cassidee Thorvig gave a presentation to the school board Monday, Feb. 22. They showed examples of projects they completed for the Media Studies class, which prepares them for Film as Art, a new college in the schools class. Both girls said they enjoyed the media class. They learned about newspapers, including the importance of headlines, photographs and advertising. They created a podcast and researched actors from old movies they watched. 

They said the biggest challenge was not using any social media apps for a set amount of time. It was especially challenging due to distance learning.

The board approved the purchase of the Chris’s Food building in Pine City for $710,000. 

“The district will pay Pine City Schools our share of the building to cash follow this purchase until the bonds are sold in May,” Almos said. “At that time our district will be reimbursed for this purchase. We will then make payments for our share of the building through a lease purchase agreement.” The building will house St. Croix River Education District classes, including level four emotional/behavioral students. 


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