An industrious squirrel went for an inpromptu ridealong with a Pine County Deputy. The squirrel made it’s presense known during the ride, much to the surprise of both. The deputy discovered the rodents winter stash hidden in the squad.


The Pine County Sheriff’s Office reports that an encounter between a deputy and a small woodland animal got a little nutty this week. 

According to the sheriff’s press release, an officer was driving down the road when a squirrel popped up out from underneath the computer on his squad vehicle and jumped out onto the dash.  

The officer said the squirrel gave him a quick stare down, then it ran across the dash and along the drivers’ side window – which was closed – and went somewhere behind him.  

The officer pulled over and opened all of his doors to get the squirrel out, but it was nowhere to be found.  

However, further investigation revealed that apparently that the squirrel believed that the back of the patrol unit was a good place to store its winter food.  

“These nuts have now been placed in evidence,” read the press release. “If anyone sees a squirrel looking for his food, we are looking for said squirrel for questioning in relation to this incident.”


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