Where have all of the people gone, asked Stephanie Youngberg, East Central High School principal.

She told school board members that the high school was short four teachers on Monday, Nov. 8 and could not find substitutes. The elementary was short one sub. She said several teachers and paraprofessionals were in quarantine and they couldn’t find subs to cover the classes.

“We lost subs due to retirement,” Youngberg said. “But we have some old faithfuls that still come in.”

She said other staff members are willing to step up and fill in when needed.

“Five subs short is rather normal these days,” Superintendent Andy Almos said. The school averages three subs per day in a normal year, but the pandemic has increased the need, he explained. 

Almos said they increased the pay from $130 a day to $170 in order to entice more subs and especially paraprofessionals.

Anyone with a four year college degree can qualify to substitute teach. 

For more information call the district office at 1-320-245-6000.


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