I was hoping to write a temperature wrap for 2021 this month but our friends at the National Weather Service haven’t compiled their reports yet. One can wonder if COVID-19 is affecting them like it is the rest of us? If so, best wishes to those folks! I guess we can talk about precip rather than temps this month.

 On that note, as rough for wildfires and as dry as we thought our drought was last summer, it was even worse out west. But, there are signs of a change in the dry pattern. California, for example, went wild for low pressure systems recently and the mountain snow pack that provides most of that state’s water went back to normal in just two weeks. There are also signs that more ran and snow making lows are ahead for those folks, too, and that could spell record moisture in that neck of the woods.

 However, the bounty of precip hasn’t pushed much farther east yet. The National Integrated Drought Information System staff says snow water equivalent levels are still at record lows for New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada.

 Here, we went seven inches above normal for snowfall in the month of December. So much for that call for a five inch deficit! But, those of us who like to snowmobile would like some more. Could some of that California mountain snow action blow our way in January?

 It doesn’t really look like it. In January, our temperatures may average eight degrees cooler than normal which is good for snow but actual snow totals may be five inches shy of normal. (Where have we heard that before?)

 It won’t be for lack of trying, though. Most weeks in January will feature at least one shot at light snow. The first to 10th will be flurry filled and feature a cold snap. The 11th to 17th will be milder but still only lights snows will be likely. The 18th to 23rd will keep flurries flying but the cold snap will return. Like a yo-yo, the 24th to 28th will bounce back to mild but with continued light snows. The month will end the 29th to 31st with sunny, dry and cold weather.

 Happy New Year to everyone and may your favorite flavor of weather visit your town often!

Dave Anderson is the CBS channel 3 meteorologist out of Duluth, Minn.


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