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eaders may have noticed a new name in the Hinckley, Sandstone, Askov and Moose Lake newspapers this year. 

I joined the Hinckley group of newspapers in December, as the new assistant to Jennifer Yocum-Stans, the Hinckley editor.

I enjoyed working as a freelance photographer for the Pine Journal in Cloquet for many years before being hired as a full time reporter/photographer, which I absolutely loved.

Over the years I won awards from the Minnesota Newspaper Association, including two first place awards for sports feature stories. No surprise, they were both about one of my favorite subjects, hockey.

My three children kept me busy with sports and activities for many years, including hockey. The basement hallway of our last house is probably still pock-marked from my boys shooting pucks at my daughter, who was a goalie for the Cloquet-Esko-Carlton program. The team even made it to state in her junior year.

My kids are now grown up. Many of you saw my recent column about the birth of my daughters’ twin girls. They will most likely be my new favorite subject.

I may even write a column or two (or three or four) about them in the future. I am convinced they are the cutest babies ever, except my own, of course. They are now eight weeks old and weigh a little over nine pounds. My daughter is surprised how much attention they get whenever she goes into public with them. 

Our latest adventure was trying to take photos of them. I set everything up in advance to help move everything along quickly. Of course as soon as I laid them on the white fur rug, they spit up about half a bottle’s worth. We discussed taking diapers off for a few shots, but luckily decided against it. 

As my daughter’s sister-in-law held Scarlett for a moment, she proceeded to fill her tiny diaper. It leaked up the back and my sweet granddaughter did not smell like roses. They froze, not sure what to do with the little stinker. I directed them to the sink a few steps away, where she received an impromptu bath. On the upside, she slept for a few photos!

When I’m not playing with my new granddaughters, I’m exploring Pine County and the adventures it has to offer. I hope to play in the Kettle River with Hardwater Sports this summer and maybe climb the cliffs in Robinson Park and hopefully not break anything.

Feel free to send me an email with story ideas at

Jamie Lund is a reporter for Northstar Media, including the Hinckley News, Pine County Courier, Askov Amercan and Moose Lake Star Gazette. She can be reached at


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