To the Editor: 

Who would have thought of a virtual walk a few years ago? Or huge numbers of children at home but taking classes from their public school? Who would have thought of a pastor at a sheep farm recording the Sunday sermon or members of the congregation recording the Bible readings at home and sending in to the pastor to be included in the worship service to be watched on their computers while their church buildings remain empty or thousands of people working from home while their company building is vacant? 

Even 10 months ago we had no real warning of the pandemic and, when we did, it was so hard to take into our brains. We did short term planning because surely it would have a short life. But, we are not out of it yet and many more people have fallen ill and many more have died. So we need to do even more long term planning about how we are going to survive this pandemic and even thrive. 

I have been impressed with the creativity of folks in our country. People staying at home are doing more cooking and baking and learning those crafts that they did not have time to do when working away from home. Some have thought up new businesses that work in this time. So many have taken this time to help others by making masks and giving them away, offering to shop for the elderly, even bring food. Because it is a lonely time, family have had zoom meetings, friends and relatives have written letters and cards, and many have made telephone calls just to visit or check up on relatives and friends. 

We now need the rich people of our country to step up and help those in need. They have been especially blessed to have this money and power to do so. We need our government to do much more to relieve the suffering of those who cannot work and those who are still suffering the effects of the illness. But, also we especially need to have the folks in our communities to wear a mask when away from home and physically distance when in public and wash our hands. Even if we cannot see the little virus, he is here, and we have the power to  prevent him from spreading around. 


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