Well, 2020 has been a year like none other, so it tracks that this election season has been out of the norm as well. 

Friends, I hope and pray that after this election season things become less ugly and hateful than they are now, because I don’t know how much more of this we can take. But we’ll see.

If you intend to vote early but haven’t yet, there are early options for you to do so – and I’d urge you to check out the story on this topic in this week’s Pioneer on Page 1. 

There’s still time for you to write a letter to the editor. For the record, I’m going to reiterate our paid endorsement letter to the editor policy, which has been put in place this year for our entire family of newspapers: 

• The Pine City Pioneer accepts election letters endorsing or advocating for or against a ballot measure, party or candidate as paid advertising announcements. The fee is $25 for the first 250 words, plus 10 cents per additional word; no word limit.  This policy is only in effect during election season (from the candidate filing date through election day.)

• Like other letters to the editor, the writer’s name, address and phone number are required. Phone numbers are not published. The Pine City Pioneer has the right to reject letters which don’t meet publishing standards and will determine if the letter qualifies as a paid endorsement.

• Paid letters will be identified with a label and may or may not appear on the opinion/letters page.

Letters about election-related issues and candidates are, as always, subject to editing for libel. Statements of fact which cannot be confirmed by Pioneer staff may be removed, or the writer asked for proof of their accuracy.

• All letters are subject to editing, and the Pioneer reserves the right to print or not to print any letter.

We plan to print no political letters to the editor the week before the election, in the the Oct. 29 edition of the Pioneer.

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