The Christmas holidays are behind us and many residents are left with a sad, dry tree to dispose of. The local Lions clubs will come to the rescue in the city limits of Hinckley and Sandstone.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture asks residents to dispose of their trees responsibly and not throw their tree or wreaths in the backyard woods or compost pile, according to their website. Doing so increases the odds of spreading disease or introducing invasive species to the area. Instead they recommend placing wreaths in the trash and take advantage of local curb side pick up for trees or bring them to a designated drop-off site in your area.

Sandstone and Hinckley residents can place their live Christmas trees at the curb in front of their home by 9 a.m. Saturday, Jan 8 and the local Lions will pick them up. They will not accept artificial trees. The Lions clubs perform the service free of charge as a convenience to the community, said Sandstone Lions Club member Dave Hogberg. He said the club noticed the number of residents taking advantage of the service has declined in recent years.

John Frank of the Hinckley Lions Club agreed. They have about 10 volunteers canvas the curbs inside Hinckley city limits to pick up the trees and deposit them at the local city brush pile.

Sandstone residents who forget to put their trees by the curb can dispose of their Christmas trees 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. January 5-7 at the compost pile located at 1117 Pine Avenue South.

Pine County also accepts Christmas trees free of charge for all residents who wish to dispose of them at South Pine Transfer station in Pine City at 17350 Henriette Road, Pine City, Minn.

Both South and North Pine Transfer Stations accept Christmas tree lights for recycling free of charge. The address for the North Pine Transfer Station is 85174 Hwy 61, Willow River. 


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