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The Hinckley-Finlayson Jaguars cross country team concluded their season this past Friday in Pierz. On the girls side, Reese Hartl led the way with a 12th place finish in 21:01 but was one spot shy of qualifying for state, just five seconds back.  Two personal bests were run by Autumn Painovich and Haley Geiger in 22:39 and 23:07. The team finished 5th overall matching the highest overall finish since 1998. In a section with two top 10 state ranked teams, we’re in pretty good company finishing that high.

On the boys’ side, Adam Carlier stole the show by successfully pulling off  The Vickerman. The Vickerman is credited to William VIckerman. Vickerman’s sole senior goal was to lead every race by sprinting the first 200m fully knowing the next 4800m would be lung searing, whichhe did. Adam avoided becoming trapped, got out fast, and led the field for a solid 10 seconds.  The pace appeared to be too great however as he fell from 1st to finish in 100th by the first mile and finished 101st overall of 103.  Griffin S was the top overall Jag finishing in 50th overall in a near personal best of 20:13.

The Jags had four seniors conclude their seasons on Friday: Raechel Painovich, Sophie Hodena, Garrett Hosna (all three six year cc runners), and Lucas Kreft (four year). If you see one of these individuals, wish them a congratulations on completion of their cc careers.

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