December 27 vs Nashwauk-Keewatin at Chisholm Tournament Round 1.

The Jaguars girl’s basketball team took to the road for a two-day tournament in Chisholm and faced Nashwauk-Keewatin in the first round.  The Jags came out shooting well from the floor to take a 34-23 halftime lead.  More consistent shooting in the second half allowed the Jags to take their second victory of the season, 67-49.

Scoring for the Jags:  Makayla Ammerman 20, Anna Degerstrom 12, Bella Brant 8, Reese Hartl & Rylie Kreger 6, Hannah Hartl, Olivia Hoppe & Gracie Olson 4, Bella Bennett 2, and Brekyn Hanson 1.  Stats:  Rebounds, Ammerman 11; Steals, Ammerman 6; Assists, Ammerman & Kreger 5; Blocks, Ammerman 2.

The Championship game of the Chisholm tournament had the Jags playing one of the stronger teams in the state, the Chisholm Bluestreaks.  The Jags played good defense early, but too many second chance points allowed the home team Bluestreaks to take a 49-24 halftime lead.  More of the same in the second half, and Chisholm came away with the Championship trophy by a score of 91-54.

Scoring for the Jags:  Ammerman 16, Brant 15, Degerstrom 8, R. Hartl 5, Hanson 4, Bennett & Kreger 3.  Stats:  Rebounds, Degerstrom 8; Steals, R. Hartl & Kreger 2; Assists, R. Hartl 5; Blocks, Ammerman & Brant 3.

January 6 VS Rush City

The Jags opened up the new year with a road trip to Rush City to take on the Tigers.  They were very sluggish early and trailed 14-1 to start the game.  The Jags started doing better things the last couple minutes of the first half to trail 16-6.  They came back in the second half with a much better offensive game plan and were able to tie the score late in the game, however a couple of turnovers on the Jags part allowed the clock to run out on them and give the Tigers the 30-27 win.

Scoring for the Jags:  Ammerman & Degerstrom 7, H. Hartl & R. Hartl 5, Hanson 3.  Stats:  Rebounds, Degerstrom 11; Steals, Degerstrom & Kreger 3; Assists, Kreger 2; Blocks, Ammerman 2.

January 6 vs St. John’s Prep

It was cold outside when the Jags hosted the Johnnie’s, but they were hot in the gym, taking a 35-10 halftime lead.  The Jags continued the great defense and taking advantage of second chance opportunities to finish off third win of the season by a score of 66-31.

Scoring for the Jags:  R. Hartl 16, Brant 15, Degerstrom 14, Kreger 11, Ammerman & Hanson 4, and Jezzalyn Ringler 2.  Stats:  Rebounds, R. Hartl 14; Steals, R. Hartl 8; Assists, Ammerman 5.

January 7 vs. Mille Lacs

The Lady Jags finished off their three game week with a road game against conference rival Mille Lacs Raiders.  Isle and Onamia are now combining for all sports and are now the Raiders.  The Jags played well early, and despite missing too many layups were able to take a 25-23 halftime lead.  The Jags defense was the key in the second half and we were able to pull away in the second half to a 62-47 victory.  

Scoring for the Jags:  Ammerman 18, Degerstrom & Ringler 8, Hanson 7, Kreger 6, H. Hartl & R. Hartl 4, Brant 3, Olson & Corrina Tvedt 2.  Stats:  Rebounds, Degerstrom 17; Steals, R. Hartl 9; Assists, R. Hartl 5; Blocks, Ammerman 2.

The Jags are now 4-8 on the season, with a 1-4 record in the Great River Conference.

Upcoming games for the Jags:

1/10-at Staples-Motley

1/11-vs. McGregor

1/13-vs. East Central

JV Update


1/4-at Rush City, L 37-31

1/6-vs. St. John’s Prep, W 76-15

1/7-at Mille Lacs, W 47-37

JV Record; 6-4 (3-2 GRC)

C-Team Update


12/21-at Mille Lacs, L 44-23

C-Team Record; 0-4 (0-3 GRC)

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