A Pine City man faces multiple criminal charges after allegedly making threats, fleeing law enforcement, brandishing a knife and possessing methamphetamine in the early morning hours of Sept. 1 before being taken down by deputies and Pine County K9, Hazard.  

According to the criminal complaint filed in the Pine County Courthouse, on Sept. 1 at about 4:22 a.m. Pine County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of a male who refused to leave an address in Pine City.

The reporting party said they did not know the male, and that he had been at the address for about 45 minutes and had been told to leave several times. According to the reporting party, the man told them,  “I’m going to kill [law enforcement] and it’s nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you.”

When a deputy arrived he saw Corey Christopher Isaacson, 44, of Pine City in the driver’s seat of a gold Corolla with the door open. The deputy said  Isaacson was instructed to show his hands but failed to follow instructions. The deputy said Isaacson was talking to someone – or something – and making quick furtive movements with his left hand. He raised his right arm over the passenger seat. It contained an unidentifiable object. The deputy suspected controlled substance activity and requested a K9 respond. 

Another deputy arrived on the scene. Within seconds of his arrival, Isaacson placed his vehicle in drive and allegedly started driving through the property. The deputy turned on his lights and sirens and pursued. 

The deputy reported that Isaacson drove down several roads, onto Interstate 35, and ultimately onto Pokegama Lake Road. During the pursuit he drove in oncoming lanes of traffic and made abrupt braking movements as if he were trying to get rear-ended by law enforcement.

After 12.5 miles, Isaacson stopped his vehicle, reached toward the passenger side of his car, then ran into the ditch and neighboring cornfield. The deputy said Isaacson had a knife and held it against his own neck, and told law enforcement to shoot him. 

Another deputy with his K9 partner, Hazard, arrived on scene. The deputy gave commands for Isaacson to drop the knife and show his hands. He warned the K9 would be released if Isaacson refused to follow instructions. The deputies said that Isaacson refused to follow these commands, and that K9 Hazard was released. 

According to the deputies, Isaacson continued to swing his knife around after Hazard bit him. One of the deputies then brought Isaacson to the ground, while another delivered strikes to Isaacson to control him and keep him from stabbing Hazard. A knife roughly 10-inches long was recovered. 

Isaacson was cleared by emergency medical personnel and taken to the Pine County Jail. During an intake search jail staff located a baggie containing a crystalline substance. The substance NIK-tested positive for methamphetamine and had a field weight of 0.4 grams. Isaacson has a controlled substance conviction from 1996.

Isaackson has been charged with felony terroristic threats, felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, fifth-degree felony possession of a controlled substance and interfering with a police officer. The maximum penalty for these charges is five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

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