To the Editor: 

This is a letter based on opinion and interaction. I received a bill for a phone consultation with my doctor that lasted 5-10 minutes. The cost was $500. The next day I spent 50 minutes on holds and prompts to get a 15 minute face to face appointment with her. 

Having a chronic illness has led to many doctors, procedures and medications. In my conclusion, we are part of the largest and most corrupt monopoly in U.S. history, involving insurance companies, pharmaceutical and medical institutions. 

Prices are soaring and care diminishing. There are many good and caring doctors and health workers on the line, but the system prevents them from fulfilling their job or even calling as they deem necessary. Republican, Democrat or Independents need to address this problem or in a short time it will be cheaper and more effective to fly to Jamaica, buy a bucket of chicken internals and have a witch doctor read them and give you a diagnosis. 

I know it’s a matter of who and how to make the most money at any cost, but a system this large, that affects us all, needs to be watched. And the only way that will be done is to elect people who are statesmen and not politicians, of any flavor.

 We are the greatest nation with the best governmental system. Lets use it for the good of our country.


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