To the Editor: 

As a proud member of the Pine City community I feel that we have been slacking in the “community” department. We live in a small town community where we have the luxury of one person’s voice can be heard by all. I could go to the Holiday in town and tell the cashier that I’m pregnant and it could get back to my mother by the next day. That may be an exaggeration, but you get the point. 

Community members of Minneapolis protest everyday trying to get their voices heard. And how are we spending our time? This question makes me feel that we have either taken this luxury for granted, or used it with cruelty. 

What I’m trying to get at is that we shouldn’t be using this luxury by hiding behind nasty anonymous letters to businesses in town threatening to turn them in for not abiding to the state COVID mandate, or telling them that they are irresponsible. If one of our small town businesses is slacking at something as simple as wearing a mask, then maybe we as a community should remind them in a kind manner. Nasty anonymous letters aren’t going to solve anything but putting a big divide in this community. Now is the time to come together and support each other, and not put each other down.


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