To the Editor: 

Ever since Trump ran for president of the great old USA, he has proved to me – and I am sure to many others – that he is the most self-loving person ever. So very sad. So sad how far behind the great old USA has slipped in the past three and a half years. 

We would never have lost many very good Americans had Trump started alerting Americans about the virus known as COVID-19 when he learned of it. 

For months I have been wondering how we can dump Trump and I have been sure many others have too. It is beyond me to think how he can even get one vote after the USA witnessed his terrible performance at the Sept. 29 debate. I think Trump shot himself in the foot, doing the great old USA a great favor. 

He also came closer to something worse by his actions of never wearing a mask to protect himself and others. No doubt, Trump is the very worst president the wonderful old USA ever had. 

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