Barnum coach charged with criminal sexual conduct

Andrew John Palmer, 33, of Moose Lake was arrested on Jan. 20 following a report of criminal sexual conduct with a juvenile female. 

A search warrant was executed on Palmer’s home based on probable cause by the Moose Lake Police Department and resulted in his arrest. 

According to the complaint filed by the Carlton County Court Administration Office, Palmer began contacting the juvenile in the fall of 2020 via social media. Palmer talked to the victim about his dog and asked for pictures of her. 

On Jan. 1, Palmer invited the victim to his home in Moose Lake, reportedly to see his dog and have a fire. Palmer then, according to a statement collected from the juvenile, had sex with her. 

On two other dates in January the juvenile reported Palmer inviting her to his home where he conducted similar sexual acts. 

Palmer was the head girls’ basketball coach at Barnum High School at the time of the reported criminal sexual conduct. He has since been removed from this position by the school.  

“The district has completed its review of the matter and has terminated Mr. Palmer.  He held no other positions within the district besides the basketball coach,” said Barnum Superintendent Mike McNulty.   

Palmer now faces three counts of felony Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree. 

Palmer is reported in each of these counts as having engaged in sexual penetration with a person who was at least 16 years old but under 18 and which he was in a position of authority over the person. 

Each of these three felony offenses comes with a maximum sentence of 15 years and/or a $30,000 fine

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