To the Editor: 

Regarding the fear of vaccination for the COVID-19 virus, I have had prior experiences that gave me pause. I changed my mind after doing my own research. 

This vaccination was tested on senior citizens, some of the most vulnerable of our population. I have rheumatoid arthritis and take methotrexate. This time my rheumatologist told me not to take my methotrexate the week I had my shot because methotrexate lowers my immune system and I wouldn’t be able to build the anibodies necessary to fight off the virus. So I took the shot. 

I would advise anyone who is hesitant please take the shot. My arm got a little hot and that was all. It was gone in an hour. Sure, you can get a little sick from the shot, but how sick are you going to be if you get COVID. Don’t risk death. Get the shot.

Elaine Smith


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