Margaret Marty

Margaret Marty poses with a copy of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Clever, Curious, Caring Cat,” in which her poem “Obsession” is published.


Local poet and writer Margaret Marty’s poem “Obsession,” about her beloved cat C.W., has been published in the latest edition of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Clever, Curious, Caring Cat.”

Marty’s poem is a memorial to a beloved feline friend of 12 years named C.W.

“He’s named after my cat-loving dad, whose name was Clarence W. Anderson,” Marty said. 

 “Obsession” was previously published in “Talking Stick 27: New Arrangements,” released by Jackpine Writers’ Bloc in 2018. 

Though heartfelt, “Obsession” is a humorous piece about a cat owner who’s trying to get things done around the house, but keeps finding a sweet, furry excuse not to do so:

I should go outdoors

to start the spring cleanup

put the deck furniture out 

after I freshen his litter box.

He loves when I play piano, 

so I’ll play a few tunes 

as he sits by me on the bench

purring his own melody

Marty said the poem is based on a true story. 

“It is like, he just demands my attention,” Marty said, chuckling. “And I want to give it.”

This is the fourth time she has been published in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. She said she appreciates how the writers talk about things that are near and dear to their own hearts. 

“Cats provide unconditional love and share in the ups and downs of our lives,” Marty said. “These times also make for great stories, as you will see in this edition of ‘Chicken Soup For the Soul.’” 

The book is now for sale in bookstores and at Marty said royalties from the book will also support the work of American Humane.

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