The Pine City High School varsity volleyball squad has continued to dominate the competition, going undefeated in two contests with Ogilvie and another with East Central.


Coach Tami Nelson said that her team struggled with serving, but played strong the entire night Monday, Nov. 2, defeating Ogilvie 3-0 (25-20, 25-18, 25-23). 

Leading the team in serving was Karly Jusczak with three ace serves, followed by Chloe Gerner and Ellie Hasz with two ace serves each. The team was led offensively by Mariah Rivard and Kloey Lind with six kills each. Karly Jusczak, Meredith Kolling and Ellie Hasz each added four kills for the night. Chloe Gerner led the team with 11 set assists, Katelyn Lorsung had seven set assists and Miriam Fromm had six set assists. 

Defensively, the team was led by Ellie Hasz and Karly Jusczak with two blocks each. Meredith Kolling and Miriam Fromm led the team in digs with six digs each, followed closely by Ellie Hasz with five digs. 

Though the Dragons came up with an impressive victory, Nelson said there was room to improve.

“Our serving definitely hurt us,” Nelson said. “We gave away too many points because of missed serves.”

On Thursday, Nov. 5 the girls were back on track with their serving defeating Ogilvie again 3-0 (25-14, 25-12, 25-17). 

Leading the team serving was Ellie Hasz with six ace serves and Katelyn Lorsung with two ace serves. 

Nelson said the team was very strong offensively. Ellie Hasz had 10 kills, Kloey Lind had eight kills, Mariah Rivard had six kills and Miriam Fromm, Meredith Kolling, and Karly Jusczak each had five kills. Katelyn Lorsung had 15 set assists, Chloe Gerner had 14 set assists and Arissa Rydberg added four set assists. 

Defensively, the team was led by Kloey Lind with two blocks and Mariah Rivard with one block. Meredith Kolling led the team with 12 digs, followed by Kloey Lind with five digs and Ellie Hasz and Katelyn Lorsung with four digs each. 

The Dragons were scheduled to play Rush City next, but Rush had to cancel those games. Nelson said they are hoping to reschedule those games. 

East Central

The Dragons were only able to reschedule one game this week - hosting the East Central Eagles. The Dragons defeated the Eagles 3-0 (25-14, 25-23, 25-17). 

Leading the team in serving was Mariah Rivard with three ace serves. Ellie Hasz had two ace serves and Meredith Kolling, Chloe Gerner, Katelyn Lorsung and Arissa Rydberg each added one ace serve. Leading the team offensively was Meredith Kolling with 14 kills. Miriam Fromm had nine kills, Ellie Hasz had six kills, Mariah Rivard had five kills and Emma Hermanson and Sage Staber had two kills each. Katelyn Lorsung had 16 set assists, Chloe Gerner had 11 and Arissa Rydberg had five. 

Leading the team defensively were Meredith Kolling and Katelyn Lorsung with 11 digs each. Ellie Hasz had nine digs, Grace Jahnz and Meaghan Macho each had six digs, Chloe Gerner had four digs and Mariah Rivard had three digs.

The Dragons planned to travel to Onamia on Tuesday and are still working on adding another game later this week and the following week to end the regular season.

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