To the Editor: 

Just a note to let you know that we saw the scam article [in last week’s Pioneer] about the lady that got a call from a “representative “ from Amazon asking her if she made a purchase for $909. 

Two weeks ago we got a call from some guy from Amazon that spoke in a foreign accent. I could barely understand what he was saying. He asked if we had purchased something that cost $595 from Amazon, and I told him we didn’t and hung up on him. 

I then looked up my Amazon account and nothing was purchased. I also looked at my debit card from my bank and it was fine. My credit card was okay too. I then erased my debit card account number from the account from Amazon thinking if the person would get into my bank account they would do a lot of damage. However, I did keep my credit card number on my Amazon. 

A week later I got another call from a “representative” from Amazon with the same accent but the guy was a different person speaking clearer than the first caller. This time he asked if I made a purchase in the amount of $909.95 on my Amazon account and sent the purchase to Baltimore, Maryland where our daughter and son live. The “representative” from Amazon somehow knew we had previously sent packages to Baltimore. We told the guy we did not make the purchase and hung up. 

I asked myself – how did he know that I sent packages to Baltimore? I then again looked at both my credit card account and my Amazon account. Nothing. 

I hope we did the right thing but a person doesn’t know what will happen. It’s disgusting that innocent people have to go through this type of thing.

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