Paula Foley


My name is Paula Foley and I am proud to serve as your Superintendent of Pine City Public Schools. I have had the pleasure of being here since June and am grateful to the Pioneer staff for allowing me to update you with a column in the Pioneer.

For those of you that I have not yet had the pleasure to meet, I would like to tell you a little more about myself:  My husband Chris and I have purchased a home in Pine City and enjoy the time with our new friends and neighbors. We are the parents of three adult children and are excited to be involved in the Pine City community. I am a 37-year veteran educator. I have served as a teacher, principal, professor, superintendent and director. My career included work in communities similar to Pine City and in metropolitan areas. I enjoy all aspects of the work of the superintendency including the academic, financial, and “people’’ connections I have the privilege to make. This is an exciting time to be an educator as there is no comprehensive “past practice” that we can rely on. Times continue to change and so do our students. I am enjoying working with our staff, students and families to reprioritize our plans and methods of helping to prepare our students for their futures.

The Pine City Board of Education spent time this summer and have identified the “Board Standards” that we are working on each day.  Our School Board focuses its strategic planning on:

• Providing for each student’s  academic experience,

• Implementing efficient and effective operations, and

• Providing a culture of growth and success. 

There are many exciting things happening with our birth to adult learners. I will be sure to highlight some of these (and other) areas of focus in the School District in the weeks ahead.

One of  many good things to share with the community about  PCPS is our recent Homecoming Week events and outcomes. We had a fulfilling  week of in-school activities in which we had strong participation and engagement. Our students and staff  were phenomenal!  We had the largest crowd on record at the football game. Five new alumni were inducted into the PC Hall of Fame. Our students worked with staff to  plan and set high standards for the many activities and experiences … It was a great way to celebrate Pine City’s past and find inspiration for the future. Dragon pride was the core of the exciting week.

Thanks to all for supporting our students, staff and our schools/programs in the many ways that you do. I look forward to sharing more with you and to sharing examples of how EVERY day is a great day to be a Dragon!

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