To the Editor: 

COVID-19 has made it to small town USA. The war with COVID is very real. Should we be scared? No. We should have a healthy fear of it to take precautions and fight it. What are you going to do to help fight this war?

We have a wonderful country that gives us many freedoms, rights, and choices. Many men and women fought for them. God has blessed us greatly for this USA. However, those choices affect the people around us. 

This year political issues have clouded the truths on how to contain COVID. Many lies have been told about it. People have rebelled against their governors who are only trying to find a way to save our lives and contain COVID so that we could have a healthy economy and state for the future. We are so blessed they care. Yet, I understand it comes at a cost that is very hard to take. But COVID-19 is very serious. 

Many people feel it’s their right not to wear a mask. Also, they have been told it only protects others which isn’t true. Young people have been told they probably won’t get it, or if they do they won’t get very sick. Not true. We are losing this battle. Each of us needs to step up so we do not have to close our state down. That will really hurt our state’s economy. Also do little for our morale. It will have a domino affect.

What happens if we continue as we are? COVID will continue to increase, more lives lost (including our doctors, nurses, police, firemen, etc.), more businesses closed, jobs for those businesses lost, lack of supplies. Without jobs or compensation how are we going to pay our bills or buy food? There are areas running out of hospital beds What happens if you get sick with flu or have a car accident and there is no room? Please look at the big picture. This doesn’t need to happen. 

What can we do? Please listen to the health care specialists. Wear a mask in public, keep a distance of six feet, limit gathering to less than 10 people in your home (consider masks), stay home if you are sick, wash your hands often and quarantine if you are supposed to. The holidays are coming up so please take these into account to keep your families safe. We can do this. It’s not fun but we are strong when we need to be. The vaccine is in the works so this will not last forever.

I would also like to ask that you would pray for our community and our county daily. That we help our “neighbors” if we see a need, try to help our churches with donations to keep them going, to help local businesses with curbside purchases where you can or even consider a donation. We need them. They need to survive through this or we won’t have them when COVID is a thing of our past. Be sure to thank all of our frontline people who are there for us everyday, in any way that you can. Call or send a note to shut-ins.

We do not need to be afraid but to have a healthy fear of COVID-19. Let’s fight this together as a nation and take the necessary precautions. Let’s focus on all the blessings we do have. It’s even the “right” time of year with Thanksgiving around the corner. Try to “pay it forward” to help your community. Thank you for your time. 

There is no reason to be afraid as God is in control, so we need to love and trust in him. May God bless each and every one of you. Stay well.

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