Proud of the president

To the Editor:

 As a Pine City citizen of the USA I am proud of President Donald Trump for the numerous accomplishments of his first term; too many to share here, but including the following:

• The FDA has approved the largest number and more affordable-generic drugs ever. Generics increase competition in the market place and lower the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans. President Trump took further action to lower drug prices.

• The President has decreased funding of Planned Parenthood at the state, federal and international levels, forcing it to drop out of the Title X program, and has called on Congress to cut even more funding of abortion.

• President Trump has taken care of Veterans, after many decades, finally passed VA Accountability and VA Choice which allows vets to choose their own doctor for more timely just treatment with the government paying the bill.

• To fight the pandemic President Trump led the greatest national mobilization since World Word II, utilizing the Defense Production Act, an unprecedented partnership of government and private industry.

• President Trump got historic criminal justice reform passed. The First Step Act treats inmates more fairly and efficiently. As a result of the Act more than 3,000 Americans have been released.

•  Before the pandemic we reached a higher number ever recorded of Americans employed at nearly 160 million. African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American employment reached an all-time high. Female unemployment reached its lowest rate in 65 years.

Thank you, and God bless you, your family and the USA.

Phyllis Schlagel

Pine City


Stop taking innocent lives

To the Editor:

I don’t understand the disconnect of many Americans who say they believe children should be protected, yet will vote for a person and a party whose political platform is okay with taking the life of an innocent baby up to the moment of birth.

Abortion affects all of us. When we disregard life, we see the breakdown that occurs in humanity. It’s time for Americans to wake up. Sixty-two million unborn children have lost their lives since the Roe Vs Wade decision of 1973.

If you honestly want to protect children, and you should, then vote only for candidates who value the lives of the unborn. President Trump has established a record as the most prolife president in modern times. Donald Trump opposes abortion on demand and supports laws to protect unborn children. He also opposes using tax dollars to pay for abortion.

Joe Biden not only supports abortion on demand, but he also supports using tax dollars to pay for abortion even late in pregnancy.

I unashamedly am pro-life and there is no way I can vote for any person or political party who condones killing innocent children. When unborn children’s lives no longer matter, we shouldn’t be surprised to see how our society has spiraled out of control. Let’s get back to valuing all lives, whether born or unborn.

Your vote matters more than you may understand, so I hope you will vote and I hope your vote will indeed protect children. If you want more information you can check out this site:

Karen Gonyea

Pine City

Supreme Court not ‘supreme’ enough

To the Editor:

As a conservative Christian, I have a problem with the Supreme Court. To me, their decisions should be final, or they are not the “Supreme Court.”

The year concerns about Roe-vs.-Wade and Obamacare are a big issue. Even though I’m personally against both of them, I’m also against the decisions being changed by a new Supreme Court – once again, my point being “Supreme Court” decisions should be final. How about people that have been executed? Will they be looked at again by another court, be exhumed and brought back?

Don Osgood

Pine City

Education is key

To the Editor:

Our forefathers came here from Europe to find a better life. They conquered the true Americans that were here, then banished them from society and abandoned them. Grievous mistake. They established a democracy and brought slavery to the United States. Finally, abolishing slavery, then banished the slaves from society and abandoned them. Bigger grievous mistake. Can you imagine what the United States would be like today if they had integrated the true Americans and the slaves into society?

Education is the key to democracy. Have you looked at the curriculum for the schools in your School District for Science, History, and Social Studies? Does that curriculum more closely match what your forefathers had or does it more closely match what is taught in the communist countries and Nazi Germany? Education is the key to Democracy.

Here are some questions to think about.

Can you, your children and grandchildren... sign your name?

... recite the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem?... respect and help the police, members of the arms forces, veterans, first responders, friends and neighbors?... serve your God, county, family, friends, and neighbors in that order?If you answered yes, you are a citizen of the USA. You need to vote in November.

If you answered no, you have some choices. After all, this is the United States of America. You can change your philosophy, join a peaceful religion, get some education, or get a passport and move to a country that is more in line with your philosophy and beliefs.

Education is the key to democracy. You need to vote in November. Remember monarchs, dictatorships, socialism and communism are not democracy.

Dallas Carpenter

Pine City

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