Congratulations to the grads

Congratulations to all the graduates. A special salute to our daughter Lori St. Louis with a degree with honors in accounting at Rasmussen University.

Dale and Sue Kuzel

Pine City

Wanting a voice in City’s happenings

What has happened to us and standing up for “the majority rules?”  Issues in the U.S. are being forced upon us by the minority of the people.  The majority live in fear of speaking out as they may be ostracized. We are lying down and taking it; we need to stand up for right and wrong. We need to stand up for our kids and grandkids as to what is being displayed openly in the middle of our town. Why as tax payers are we not allowed to vote on what our taxpayer dollars are being spent on as far as the so called family-friendly Pride festival. Let the majority of voices be heard! Never in my life did I ever think a adult film star would be allowed to perform in the center of any town. This is not about love or hate; this issue is about what the people of this fine city want for it. I think there should be a vote by the people of Pine City.  Whatever the outcome of that vote would be, we would at least have the satisfaction that the majority ruled. My goal is a strong faith-based, healthy environment for my children and grandchildren to grow up in.

Gwen Gordon

Pine City

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