With just the clothes on your back

I wonder what it must be like to move from a country and climate that you grew up in to a completely different environment. Your only possessions are what you were wearing. Moving from one hostile environment to possibly a different hostility of non-acceptance.

How terrible I would feel. Maybe I would have my family alongside me, maybe not. I would leave with the memory of 20 years of war, and little hope of any recovery for the future. At this point living day by day would be my only hope.

Putting myself in their place brought a new perspective. If I was to meet one of those refugees from Afghanistan I would extend a smile and friendship. They would need it.

Dale Kuzel


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Janis Hendrick

Fool me once, shame on you. Food me twice, shame on me. A different perspective on the Afghan refugees, before we start extending our smiles amd friendship, something to think about. Who is going to pay for all the food, clothing, housing, health care, and education for the refugees? The taxpayers of the USA . We are giving them our freedoms, lets be careful about not giving them knowledge to fly our planes again, They were in our country early in 2001 to learn about our culture and prepare for the disaster in September 2001. They hated our country and wanted to destroy us, They could be planning to do it again. How do we know if more Afghan Taliban or Ai /quida have not entered recently? They fooled us in 2001. They could be in Wisconsin and Minnesota right now. Lets learn from our mistakes of 20 years ago,

Janis Hendrick

Rock Creek, Minnesota

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