Connect Linden Tree Road to County Road 13

To the Editor: 

Currently land is being prepared for the Woods Farm development on the west side of Pokegama Lake in Pokegama Township. The development proposes 25 new residential homesites.

The development also proposes access to these homesites from existing Linden Tree Road, which runs along the west side of Pokegama Lake and exits to the south from Pole Road and from the north via Audrey Gayle Lane. A distance of approximately 1.5/1.75 miles in either direction to access County Road 13, the main exit artery from the area.

Our concern is traffic and safety. An earlier development connected the previous dead end on the north end of Linden Tree to the previous dead end on the south end of Peggy Lane. The connection increased traffic immensely and there have been many complaints. Additionally, roads are poorly maintained (heavy construction traffic, rough roads, and the grader hasn’t been through in seven weeks). The roads in some spots are narrow and challenging when two vehicles meet. 

A resident on Linden Tree used a game camera and recorded 713 vehicles from a Saturday morning to a Sunday evening. A resident on Peggy Lane recorded over 750 in the same time period. The township, which has no town officials living along any of those roads, claim there is approximately 240 a day (They’re clearly making an uninformed guess). The township is unwilling to do an official traffic study at this time.

We have 72 residents (so far) that have signed a petition requesting the township require the developer to connect the new development directly to County Road 13 before final approval, which would be a distance of approximately .5 miles (quite a bit shorter than 1.5 miles) rather than direct all those addition vehicles to an already overwhelmed Linden Tree and Peggy Lane. The town hall will be packed for that final approval meeting.

It seems like the township has multiple reasons for not wanting to require the road to go through. First, the township zoning administrator claimed we needed to prove how that new road would benefit the health, safety and welfare of those 25 new residents. When confronted with the fact the .5 miles is much shorter distance than 1.5 for emergency services (police, EMTs, fire department), he then said if the road went through, the new residents would be complaining about the traffic. Let that sink in.

We are not against the development. We just desperately need resolution to the traffic and safety concerns. It’s a no-brainer to us who live here and to any clear-thinking person. We would like this resolved locally before involving the county and state.

Ray Sundstrom


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