Library in need of  used books

Pine City Librarian Heidi Anderson-Ferdinand tidys books that donors have submitted to the library book store.

Is space on your bookshelves getting a little tight? Are you thinking about clearing out some of your book collection? The Pine City Public Library is seeking donations of gently used books for our library bookstore. 

Besides the breathing room you provide for your home and bookshelves, your donation goes a long way in helping the library. Those items that are new, or that fill a need in the collection, are shared with the resource librarian. She decides whether to add them to the materials already purchased for the East Central Regional Library system as a whole, or to return them to us to sell. The items that are not added to the collection, and the rest of the donated items, stay in the Pine City Public Library to be used exclusively for our local benefit. 

Since the library building (once the site of City Hall) was remodeled in 2011, all of the funds raised from the sale of your donated items goes right back into the library. Our Library Foundation receives 50% of the funds for any future building needs, and the Friends of the Pine City Public Library receives the other 50%. The Friends group supports our programming needs by buying supplies for library programs including the Winter Tales reading challenge, the Summer Reading Program, art classes, author visits, and so much more. 

All of the programs offered by the library are free, without exception, so your book, CD, and DVD donations are directly contributing to the enrichment of our community.

As grateful as we are for donations, there are some items that we are unable to accept. These items include textbooks, encyclopedias, or items that have acquired a musty odor or are soiled from being stored in sheds and garages. If you have items you are thinking of donating, please call the branch librarian, Heidi, at 320-629-6403 with any questions you may have. Thank you for supporting your local library!

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