To the Editor: 

Imagine a country where the government decided where you ate, how many ate with you, whether your business could be open or not, what you wore on your face, whether you could work or not, whether you could worship in person or not, how many people you could have at your house for Christmas…

This sounds like Communist China or Soviet Russia, right? No, more like the State of Minnesota.

In the guise of “protecting” the public from a virus, Governor Tim Walz has shackled Minnesota with numerous mandates that not only are senseless, but blatantly unconstitutional. Far too many Minnesotans just fall in line to obey the latest edict, as if we were serving an absolute monarch, not living in a constitutional republic where those rights not delegated to the government are reserved to the people. I guess you get what you vote for. Maybe Minnesotans will vote a little differently in 2022.

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