Using names on Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I’ve been thinking about why you don’t get letters to the editor to publish in the volume you did in the old days. I think it’s because people must sign their name and they are afraid of repercussions. The gals are afraid men will be calling asking for dates because they are so brilliant and the guys are afraid some bully will drive over and punch them in the nose for what they said. That’s today’s world!

What if you kept the real name on file, if it’s a legal thing, and let people use a creative or humorous fake signature in print? I bet there would be letters about letters and a raging conversation in print if anonymity was the format.

Also, I love the obituaries. A person’s whole life is laid out for all to think about. But why is the cause of death always a secret? In some ways that’s the most important element, the frosting on the cake, in a tasteless way, and even the most useful thing to know for the rest of us, who of course, want to stay alive.

Carol Gaard

Pine City

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