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Two incumbents and one new member will join the Pine City Council  in 2021. 

Mayor Carl Pederson – running unopposed – was re-elected to a two-year term; while incumbent Steven Ovick and challenger Kyle Palmer were both elected to four-year terms on the city council on election night. 

Pederson received 1,261 votes for mayor. There were 52 write-in votes. 

In the city council race, Ovick was the top vote-getter with 810 votes. Palmer received 642 votes to claim the other open seat on the city council. 

Challenger Ariel Dunbar received 473 votes, while incumbent Brian Scholin received 438 votes. There were 22 write-in votes.

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Nathan Johnson

Is there a story behind these numbers? Did Ms. Dunbar split the vote, hurting the incumbent's chances? Long-timer Brian Scholin's institutional knowledge will be lost on the new-coming councilor, Kyle, but perhaps the community was wanting to look forward, without looking back.

Also, Did Kyle campaign hard? Scholin's philosophy, as I recall, was to hardly campaign (save for the basics, like the candidate forum) as he felt that campaigning was not necessary in a small town. I believe he was quoted as saying, "People know you and can decide based on that."

Here's hoping that the new addition to the council will consider involving himself with the League of Minnesota Cities or other alliances that are pertinent to Pine City's health, growth and development. Thanks, Brain, for your years of service!

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