Highway 23 bursting with color

Driving on Highway 23 north of Askov last week, it seemed like every curve of the road brought a new scene bursting with color.

There is nothing like fall in Minnesota, and there are few places better for enjoying the sight of trees bursting with color than Pine County.

But go see it while you can, because those fall colors are peaking right ... about ... now.

Pine County’s state parks are on a list of five state forest scenic drives the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recommends this fall: the St. Croix State Forest and Nemadji State Forest loop (see more at www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_forests/index.html).

Colors have already hit their high point north of Pine County, but the trees in this area will likely be glowing with color for the next few early October days.

Those driving on Highway 23 will get more than an eyeful of beautiful leafscapes. Heading north from Sandstone, through the hills and cliffs of Banning State Park on the way to Askov, and up through Bruno, Kerrick and Duquette and Nickerson, every turn of the winding road reveals new vistas of yellow, orange and red.

Use the DNR’s Fall Color Finder (www.dnr.state.mn.us/fall_colors/index.html)  to find areas in Minnesota with peak fall color. The color finder is updated weekly through October.

And enjoy it while it lasts.

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