Though a number of townships across Minnesota switched to holding their township elections on the date of the general election, most Pine County townships have continued to hold their elections on the second Tuesday of March, the same day as the townships’ regular meeting. 

Four of Pine County’s 33 townships switched to fall elections: Dell Grove Township, Pine City Township, Sturgeon Lake Township and Windemere Township.

All township supervisors elected to a full term in 2021 will serve a three-year term, which will expire in 2024. All treasurers elected to a full term in 2021 will serve a two-year term, which will expire in 2023. Those elected to a partial term will serve out the remainder of that term. Vote totals are included if those vote totals were reported by that township. 

Park, Partridge, Pine Lake and Sandstone township election results may be published in the future as results are received. 

Arlone Township

Robbie Ladd was elected as supervisor. Heather Ladd was elected as treasurer. Both candidates received 13 votes. 

ARNA Township

Pamella Berg was elected as supervisor. Pamela Ellwein was elected as treasurer.  

Barry Township

Lewis McFerran was elected as supervisor. 

Birch Creek Township

Mark Seger and Brandon Rayburn were elected as supervisors, Seger to a three-year term and Rayburn to a one-year term. Louise Johnson was elected as treasurer, but indicated that she may decline the position. 

Bremen Township

Tom Horsemann was elected as supervisor. Willam Larson was elected as treasurer.

Brook Park Township

Brad Rootkie was elected as supervisor with five votes.  

Bruno Township

Jim Horvath and Anthony Bundschuh were elected as supervisors with six votes each. Rebecca Bunschuh was elected as treasurer with five votes.  

Chengwatana Township

Leslie Bloom and Matthew Merrick were elected as supervisors. Rosalie Spahr was elected as treasurer. Each candidates received 10 votes. 

Clover Township

Zack Carter was elected as supervisor. Sherry Kappauf was elected as treasurer.

Crosby Township

David Jones was elected as supervisor, receiving 10 votes. 

Danforth Township

Barbara Fischer was elected as supervisor. 

Finlayson Township

Erik Fossum was elected as supervisor. Jodie Hessenius was elected as treasurer.  

Fleming Township

Alfred Hoiland was elected as supervisor. Karen Kodiak was elected as treasurer.

Hinckley Township

George Gimpl was elected as supervisor. Michele Volden was elected as treasurer.

Kerrick Township

Ron Anderson was elected as supervisor. Renee Sagvold was elected as treasurer.

Kettle River Township

Paul Jerry was elected as supervisor. Susan Grill was elected as treasurer. Mindy Jerry was elected as clerk. Each candidates received 11 votes.

Mission Creek Township

Gerald Plasek was elected as supervisor.   

Munch Township

Scott Dreier was elected as supervisor. Audeen Auers was elected as treasurer.  Both candidates received 13 votes.

New Dosey Township

Dave Forengo was elected as supervisor. Wayne Hessler was elected as treasurer.  Both candidates received nine votes. 

Nickerson Township

Terry O’Rourke ran unopposed as supervisor and was elected with 22 votes. Chris Beise ran unopposed as treasurer and was elected with 22 votes. 

Norman Township

Bruce A. Jensen was elected as supervisor. Constance A. Glattly was elected as treasurer.

Ogema Township

Ronald Meehan Jr. was elected as supervisor. Sharol Huggett was elected as treasurer. Michael Wagoner was elected as North Pine Area Hospital District Representative. 

Pokegama Township

For Supervisor D, David Deutschlander was elected with 152. James Woischke received 63 votes

For Supervisor C, Wayne Whited recieved 174 votes. There were four write-in votes. 

Royalton Township

Marshall Pearson was elected as supervisor. Wendy Tchida was elected as treasurer.

Wilma Township

Mike McCullen was elected as supervisor. Patrice Winfield was elected as treasurer.  


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