Pine Shores

116 year old Pine Shores is for sale for $99,900 on the south side of Pokegama Lake. The 0.72 acre lot has Snake River and Pokegama Lake views as well as a wealth of history. 

Looming on the south shores of Pokegama Lake, ominously sits the remnants of one of our longest standing members of the community. If it’s brick walls could talk, they’d be able to share endless stories of the lives connected to the estate. Stories and pieces of history that could scare us and amuse us. 

What is commonly referred to as Pine Shores was originally built in 1905 as a private tuberculosis sanatorium by a prominent Minnesota doctor. It’s now for sale with the asking price of $99,900. 

For almost 40 years on nearly 40 acres, patients could pay their way to live and be treated in the pine scented lake air. The mortality rates for tuberculosis were very high at the height of it’s tyranny in the early 1900s. Undoubtedly, many did not get to leave the shores of Pokegama Lake after they came to stay. In 1944, Pine Shore’s sanatorium era came to an end. With the staffing demands of WWII and the introduction of an effective tuberculosis treatment, there was no longer the people or need to run it. 

It was then sold to the Redemptorist Fathers, a division of the Catholic church. They organized the property into the St. Gerard Mission House and began operating it as a school for priests. They would live, work and be trained for mission work in far off places such as Brazil and Thailand. After the fathers left the shores of Pokegama, the property transitioned to Pine Manor,  a chemical dependency rehabilitation facility run by the company that is still in

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