Simple gifts, long lasting smiles

As the holidays have come and gone, it made me think a lot about the act of giving. 

Over Christmas, I had the idea of going through my extensive library of books and gifting a book to each of my family members that I thought matched them. While I ended up not doing this for everyone, it did make me think about personal gifts like that. When you give someone something, what goes through your mind? Is it something that happened between you two and this item reminded you of that time? Is this item something from a favorite movie or book of theirs? Is it a joke only between you two that would make them laugh every time they looked at it? 

When giving someone a gift, I always want them to look at their gift and know they were thought about, and this gift reminded me of them. When it came to giving my family books, I wanted to share what I loved with them. Even though I didn’t give everyone books, I was able to give my nephew my Percy Jackson box set from the author Rick Riordan. These books are my personal favorite, and I was so pleased to know that I could give him that. 

He was so excited when he opened it, saying that it was the best gift he had ever gotten. Of course that makes me feel good. As I went home that night, I looked at the little library, tucked away on the second story of my house, and I couldn’t help but feel that I had these little worlds – these stories I could give to someone and possibly make their day. 

It’s a great feeling. It makes me excited for the 2022 holiday season. What else can I give that will put a smile on someone’s face? 

This also taught me that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone go, “Wow!” It just takes that special “I thought about you” that can make all the difference in the world. I’ve learned over the years too, that sometimes just making something can be even more special than spending money. I was able to give my friends personalized posters with their name and everything I loved about them. They loved it and some of them wanted to frame it. It was a simple gift I could give that made their day. 

Simple gifts. Long lasting smiles. That’s what the holidays are about for me. Here’s to 2022 and the memories we can make. 

sierra kingen is a staff writer for the Pine City Pioneer.

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