Aerial shot of milling district

Milling was once a key industry in Pine City, with no fewer than three mills in town serving area farmers. The last mill in Pine City – Pine City Mill, run by Ernie and Randy Broz – closed down in August, 2009.

10 Years Ago, 2010

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world, and no one appreciates just how large that is more than Pine City’s Tim Skalicky. Skalicky spent 17 days this past summer on a solo bicycle trip taking him entirely around the lake. 

Sixth graders Mason Rutgers and Ricky Felt were the winners of the National Geographic Bee at the local level. Other participants included Ryan Blake, Alyssa Bursott, Steven Chandler, Austin Hansmann, Ethan Leibel, Jacob Lindblom, Josh Moser and Drew Steele.

Joseph Wolf of Grasston has been awarded the American Youth Foundation’s “I Dare You” national leadership award for his involvement in the local 4-H program.

A New Year’s party at the Pine City Senior Dining site begins at 10 a.m. on Dec. 31 with music by Eddie Pangerl.

25 Years Ago, 1995

Dick Hambly of Pine City found some pretty big kids wanting a push down the slope at Lions Hill in Sandstone – his son, Tim, and friend Pete Spychalla.

The cows, all 31 of them, have names like Betty and Cindy, and Sharon Fix talks to them whle she and her husband Joe do the daily milkings. They bought their 80-acre spread on St. Croix Road in 1967 for $3,000 down and $72.50 a month, and were able to pay it off in just 15 years. 

This newspaper has a new publication: the “Poker Pioneer,” which will replace the Pine Advertiser.

Athletes of the Week are seniors Mark Miska, Jason Wiener and Dan Smith. All three were chosen as Dragon varsity basketball tri-captains.

50 Years Ago, 1970

An aircraft crashed on the Snake River west of Pine City on Sunday after striking an electrical cable in a landing attempt. The pilot broke his back and his passenger was less seriously injured. 

The Village Pine Combined Charities reports that they have collected $3,862.72 to date.

Construction is now well underway on the First National Bank’s 40 by 40 foot split-level addition which should see completion in April.

The Dragons completely dominated the game Tuesday against Foley. It was the first time Pine City had beat a Rum River Conference team in quite a long time. 

75 Years Ago, 1945

Richard Rathway, former Lake of the Woods county agricultural agent, will assume his duties as agricultural agent in Pine County on Jan. 1. He succeeds Clyde Shumway, who is now teaching science subjects in Pine City.

On Thursday, Dec. 20, Joyce Bjorklund, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bjorklund was united in marriage to James France, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas France, both of Pine City. 

Katy Fedder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Fedder and Ralph J. Brackenbury, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brackenbury, both of Pine City, exchanged vows last Sunday afternoon in the Zion Lutheran church, uniting them in matrimony.

100 Years Ago, 1920

John Webber, son and Mr. and Mrs. Barney Webber, have purchased the tire and batter shop from E. C. Dudley and will take possession Tuesday. 

Formerly they built fences along the highways to keep the cows off the road, now they build them there to keep the speeding motorists out of the surrounding fields.

125 Years Ago, 1895

It wasn’t a Missouri editor but a Missouri printer’s devil who was going through the first experience of “making up forms.” The paper was late and boy got his galleys mixed. The first part of the obituary of an impecunious citizen had been dumped in the form and the next handful of type came off a galley describing a recent fire. It read like this: “The pallbearers lowered the body into the grave, and as it was consigned to the flames there were few if nay regrets, for the old wreck had been an eyesore to the town for many years. Of course there was individual loss, but that was fully covered by insurance.” The widow thinks the editor wrote the obituary that way because the lamented partner of her joys and sorrows owed him five years subscriptions. 

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