To the Editor: 

I would like to respond to Ezekiel Stratton’s letter to the editor in the Dec. 31 edition of the Pioneer. He stated, “In the guise of ‘protecting’ the public from a virus, Governor Tim Walz has shackled Minnesota with numerous mandates that are not only senseless, but blatantly unconstitutional.”  

Senseless? Obviously, Mr. Stratton doesn’t believe in science, as the experts recommend precisely what the governor has done to protect Minnesotans. Now if everyone would have worn the masks and socially distanced from the beginning, the continued mandates wouldn’t be necessary. “Scientists” are the reason for the development of the vaccine in record time.        

Shackled? I didn’t realize it was that hard. Wearing a mask and socially distancing is a minor requirement to protect the health and safety of our fellow men and women. You don’t hear complaining by our servicemen and women about their sacrifices. How about the sacrifices of our health care workers who plead for the public to wear masks and socially distance?

Constitutionality? The constitution doesn’t say you have to wear a mask, or even say you have to follow the speed limit or not steal. But the US Constitution and the Minnesota Constitution allow the making of laws for the public good, like speed limits. Minnesota has laws allowing the governor to institute emergency powers for just the situation we now find ourselves. So, the sooner we all follow the scientist recommendations to wear masks and socially distance, the sooner we will be back to a new normal.

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