A new daycare center is preparing to open in the remodeled John Wright building in Sandstone. 

Quarry Kids Child Care Center will be housed in the city owned building, but run by a non-profit with a board of directors. Mindy Leger, who has over 20 years of child care experience, has been asked to serve as the executive director.

Leger explained they have applied for licensure from the state to take in a grand total of 70 kids for the first year. With spots for eight infants, 14 toddlers, 20 preschool and 15-30 school age children. Leger is hoping the center will fill a need for daycare in the area. 

Licensing can take up to 90 days to be approved, in the meantime, Leger has been busy unpacking the piles of boxes full of toys and supplies while setting up the spacious rooms so they will be ready for children to enjoy. The infant room is the closest to being ready with a multitude of activities for the little ones and what Leger sees as the coolest part of the room...a separate sleeping room with cribs. This, said Leger, allows younger infants to be sleeping while the older ones are playing.

Another feature of the center will be the keypad located at the front door. This will be used by parents when dropping off or picking up their children from the center. This allows parents entry, with their own unique code, while the door remains locked to ensure the safety of staff and children.

Quarry Kids Child Care Center will be accepting families who utilize the child care assistance program They will also have a food program which offers nutritious food choices. The kitchen and cafeteria area located in the community center portion of the building is available for the center to use. This room will also be able to serve as a large motor room for kids when it becomes too cold to play outside.

Leger said parents have told her they are excited to have one place where they can bring all of their children instead of having to bring their infant here, their preschooler there and their school age child to somewhere else. “It will be much more convenient for many parents,” she said.

Quarry Kids Child Care Center is hoping to be open by November. More information regarding signing children up and employment opportunities will be available in the coming months. 


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