St. Cloud State University

Gavin Dutcher, College of Science and Engineering, Software Engineering, BSE-Brook Park

Breckan Pangerl, School of Health and Human Services, Nursing, BS-Pine City

Kelly Saumer, School of Education, Elementary/K-6 Education, BS-Pine City

Emilie Skluzacek, School of Health and Human Services, Social Work, BS-Pine City

Bethel University

Micaela Anderson, Senior-Pine City-Dean’s List 

Laura Anderson -Pine City-Dean’s List 

Charlie Schwingle-Pine City-Dean’s List

 Noah Miller, Junior-Pine City-Dean’s List

David Miller-Pine City-Dean’s List

Julie Hamalainen-Pine City-Dean’s List

University of  Minnesota

 Twin Cities

Lauren Jahnke, Senior, College of Liberal Arts-Brook Park-Dean’s List

Ellen Harth, Junior, Col of Food, Agr & Nat Res Sc-Hinckley-Dean’s List

Noah Adams, Senior, College of Sci and Engineering-Pine City-Dean’s List

Grace Hiljus, Senior, College of Liberal Arts-Pine City-Dean’s List

Kristina Knutson, Senior, School of Nursing-Pine City-Dean’s List

Minnesota State Mankato

Dalton Miller-Honor List-Hinckley

Jenna Tekavec-Honor List-Hinckley

Elizabeth Cahill-High Honor List-Pine City

Jocelyn Johnson-Honor List-Pine City

Paige Johnson-Honor List-Pine City

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