To the Editor: 

I suppose that we will have a hard time explaining to youngsters in years to come why so many people in photos in 2020 are wearing masks. 

At first there were shortages of masks and many people were making homemade masks. And I still am plugging along trying to do that. I got some elastic from my cousin in South Dakota who had all kinds of trouble getting elastic to make her masks and finally ended up with 200 yards. She made 110 masks and says she is not making any more but is stuck with all that elastic. 

I looked in the cupboard to see what kind of fabric I might have stashed that would be suitable for mask making. One piece of dotted fabric was 54 years old. (Don’t laugh, you might find some old fabric in your cupboard too.) I know that because it was fabric that I used to make my maternity dress while I was pregnant. I made one mask out of that just for old time sake. 

I saw one lady in a store had made a mask with a fringe all along the top and a pretty earring sewed on the side. Some have messages and some have pictures. Some are plain. I read where some people have put a buttonhole in bottom of mask below the mouth area so they can put a straw through and not have to take off their mask to drink. Another has designed masks for their church and are selling them to members to make a little money for the church. And, of course, some are very fashion conscious and match their outfit. 

I am so thankful for all that wear their masks, no matter what they look like. I think they care about all of us. Maybe we or they, do not have an infectious disease, but maybe we do and do not know it. So, again, thank you for caring about us and wearing your mask. 

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