Bowed heads honor Pine City veterans in 2011

Pine City Mayor Jane Robbins asked veterans and their families attending the Nov. 11, 2011  supper at the American Legion to bow their heads in a moment of remembrance for all those who have served, and those who have fallen in service to their country. Many came together to make the meal happen, including Auxiliary workers, Alternative Learning students, Honor Guards, American Legion staff and other local school groups and service organizations.

10 Years Ago, 2011

A local landmark has been recognized as the best barn of its kind in Minnesota. The Stoffel Family Memorabilia Museum, located at 10527 Emerald Road in Pine City, has been given the Barn of the Year Award for Best Non-Agricultural Re-use by the Friends of Minnesota Barns. Ed Stoffel and Rachel Stoffel are the owners of the barn, and Ed’s niece Marlene Pixley is now the curator of the museum. 

Air Force truckers from the 70th Medium Truck Detachment and convoy escort team Soldiers of B Troop, 1-94 Cavalry, Pine City Army National Guard met for the first time on Oct. 26. Only hours later, these men put their lives in one another’s hands as they convoyed throughout Iraq, hauling out cargo as the U.S. withdraws from the country.

Potter and sculptor Loren Langager settled into his Cross Lake home with wife Charlene a few years ago, and will now be having his first gallery show at Pine Center for the Arts displaying his unique works. 

Pine City choir students Lexi Cummings, Jonathan Cukla, Jacob Reiser, Scott Kleppe, Lindsey Kline, Jasmine Dyksman, Ashley Adams, Adam Jahnz and Paul Skalicky participated in a choir festival at St. John’s University.

25 Years Ago, 1996

Brian Bauman, the young Pine City man whose search for a bone marrow donor drew international attention, is now resting at his parents’ home after the transplant to treat his leukemia. “Whatever is going to happen will happen, but it will make it better if you’re hopeful, if you have a positive attitude,” Brian said.

Pine City mom Ruth Tayerle is very proud of her son, Rick who is lighting up Hollywood – particularly the show “Nash Bridges” starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin. He is the only lighting technician on the show who has worked on every episode. 

Chris Gray, a  fourth grader at Pine City Elementary School, was named Student Achiever this week because of his hard work in class and out. Eighth grader Danielle Gohman, a strong musician with a positive personality and strong work ethic, was also named Student Achiever.

50 Years Ago, 1971

There is a desperate need for more people to become qualified as ambulance drivers and attendants so that prompt emergency service can be provided for area residents and accident victims. 

There are 3,116,153 active records on NCIC. This is the teletype in the sheriff’s department. The breakdown showing 107,662 wanted persons, 231,792 wanted license plates, 721,879 wanted vehicles, 421,293 wanted boats. The average inquiries on the crime computer is 73,753 daily.

75 Years Ago, 1946

All county officials running for re-election having opposition were re-elected in Tuesday’s election with the unofficial vote from all but seven precincts counted. Hannes Rypkema continued his vote getting powers by rolling up a total of 4,612 to 1,617 for Percy Mulligan for sheriff.

Lt. Col. Benjamin Thurston of the regular army, gave Battery C 257 AW BN (sm) the National Guard Unit of Pine City, federal recognition, and thereby set the unit and its members under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

100 Years Ago, 1921

Cecil Blanchard, who played end for the local football team, sprained his wrist Monday. This injury puts him out of the Cambridge game next Friday.

A wood sawing bee will be held at the Rock Creek church tomorrow. Dinner will be served to all those present by the ladies of the church. 

The general merchandise store owned and operated by Mr. Woodrich in Greeley was sold last week to J. Erbstoser, a farmer living near Braham. 

125 Years Ago, 1896

Capt. Webber’s big scow was called into requisition the first of last week to transport a traction engine across the river, it not being considered safe to run it across the wagon bridge. It is understood that the engine will be used to operate a saw mill at some point up the river. 

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