East Central Schools, ISD #2580


August 17, 2020

The East Central School Board held a regular school board meeting on Monday, August 17, 2020 at 6 pm in the Auditorium.

Members present: Rich Thomsen, Doug Ecklund, Peter Brown, Judy Loken, Julie Domogalla, Jeannette Kester, Darren Fogt and Andy Almos. Also present: Kristi Zemke, Admin Asst, Jenny Nelson, Business Manager, Chloe Revier, Student Representative, Cindy Stolp, Community Ed, Kristie Ronchetti, Newspaper, Lori Christensen, ICS, Natalie Hoff, ICS, Jamie Nord, SCRED, Amanda Thompson, Teacher, Matthew McKenney, Teacher, Marlana Benzie-Lourey, Teacher, Jeff Tuckner, Teacher, Mary VonRueden, Teacher, Makala Jensen, Teacher and Sarah Klocke, Community Member.

I. Chair Thomsen called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

II. No items presented at Open Forum.

III. Motion by Domogalla, second by Kester to approve the agenda. Motion unanimously approved.

IV. Motion by Brown, second by Loken to approve the following consent agenda items. Motion unanimously approved.

a. August bills

b. Minutes from the July meeting

c. Employment

i. Hailey Hippen - Vocal Music Teacher, BA, Step 1 effective for the 2020-21 contract year.

ii. Resignation - Laurie Hanford as Cook effective August 3rd, 2020.

iii. Resignation - Ryan Creel as Paraprofessional effective August 10, 2020.

iv. Resignation – Jessica Danielson as Food Service Worker effective August 14, 2020.

d. Lane Changes:

i. Makala Jensen – MA +20

ii. Rod Erickson – MA +40


a. Buildings & Grounds – Gerry Klocke reported on finished and ongoing projects including gym floor paint/refinish, early childhood area, lighting project, various painting projects and potential shift in custodial schedules to accommodate cleaning and safety requirements.

b. Superintendent Almos reported on upcoming meetings, Board Meeting Reporting Schedule, altered Fall Workshop August 31 – Sept. 4, Site work project, Health Insurance plan changes and reopening schools plan.

c. High School Principal reported on preparing for the school year including schedule changes, fixing registrations and meeting with parents. Also working on plans for a virtual 7th grade orientation.

d. Elementary Principal reported on focus team goals and professional development, Social Emotional Learning lessons, newly remodeled early childhood space, and changes to Kindercamp and new teacher orientation.

e. Business Manager reported on year end food service numbers, health insurance update and Pine County Ed Center funding options.

f. School Board Committees

i. MSBA Summer Seminar – Domogalla provided an update.

ii. Set meeting dates:

a. Finance Committee – September 10th at 4:30pm



a. Motion by Loken, second by Brown to approve the following changes and clarifications to school board pay. Motion unanimously approved.

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i. Regular board and committee meetings $60.00 per meeting.

ii. If a board member has more than one meeting per day, they are paid for each meeting. There is preparation time for each meeting and the member should be compensated for each.

iii. Conferences or meetings that last more than 4 hours per day = $120.00 per day. Travel time is included.

iv. Mileage: Board members should try to carpool or use a school vehicle for out of town meetings or conferences. If they use their own vehicle, mileage should be claimed at the IRS rate. Mileage can be claimed when board members use their personal vehicles to represent the district outside of the geological school district boundaries. Mileage will be calculated to/from school building.

v. Officer Stipends: Chairperson $350.00 annual, Vice chair $20.00 per meeting when acting as chair, Clerk $150.00 annual, Treasurer $150.00 annual. Payment claims have to be turned in the first of each month.


a. Eagle Pride

i. Custodial department for their work to get the building ready for the school year. It looks great!

b. Motion by Domogalla, second by Kester to approve the following donations. Motion unanimously approved.

i. Sturgeon Lake Area Lions Club $1,000 toward COVID supplies.

ii. Grace & Emmanuel Lutheran Church for school supplies.

iii. Backpack Program - Mahtowa Covenant Church Book Sale $1,000

iv. Backpack Program – Carol Theis $500

v. Backpack Program – Grace Lutheran $500

c. Motion by Loken, second by Ecklund to approve setting World’s Best Workforce Hearing for September 21 (regular board meeting) at 6:00pm. Motion unanimously approved. A draft of the plan will be presented prior to the hearing. Any patrons wishing to make comments about the plan should attend and be given the chance to speak.

d. Discussion on MSBA Policy 808 COVID-19 Face Covering Policy.

e. Motion by Kester, second by Domogalla to approve the Resolution Stating the Intention of the School Board to Proceed with Cooperative Facility in Partnership with Pine City and Hinckley-Finlayson School Districts. Motion unanimously approved.

f. Motion by Domogalla, second by Ecklund to approve the resignation of Darren Fogt as East Central School Board Member effective immediately. Motion unanimously approved.

g. Discussion on process and timeline for appointing a new school board member to fill the open board seat.

IX. Chair Thomsen adjourned the meeting at 7:41 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Domogalla, Clerk

(Published in the Pine County Courier September 10, 2020)

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