The 2020 Golf season was looking to be another good one. The nice weather was making it look like we would be able to start our meets on time for the first time in three years. We were returning many great veteran players and gaining some fresh talent to help us continue our success from previous years. Our boys were ready to defend the GRC Champion title for the third straight time, while the girls were working to top the conference this year. The thing that I will miss most about not having the season is the athletes. They are why we coach. They are why we put in the time and effort to make each season the best it can be. I will greatly miss this year’s senior class and wish them the best in their future.

Seniors: Emily Guzik, Trent Raudabaugh, Justin Gamec, Seth Logan, Koleman Lind

Juniors: Carter Arhart, Brett Cummings, Will Runyan, Jeremiah Zinkan, Elly, Amber Doenz, Isaiah Kelleher, Katie

Sophomores: Terry Drevecky, Elijah Root, Mason Olson, Mason Rydberg, Casey Knutson

Freshmen: Caden Fedder, Maddox Wiener, Isaac Jahnz, Ryder Youngbauer, Cody Patzoldt

Eighth: Hunter Haug, Eden Sauter, Landon Arhart

Seventh: Colson Berglund, Julian Kozisek, Wyatt Humeniuk, Caleb Miller

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